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Typographic Calendar

This project’s aim was to make a creative calendar through using unique type face and concept. The concept for this calendar has to represent the idea of change or time to fit the theme of it being a calendar. In order to fulfill this criteria I decided to show the transition of being a monolingual individual to a bilingual one. Within this project I show the complex struggle in trying to adapt to the English language and the how the two language came together within my mind.

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Type Fundamental Design

For this project the class was each given a specific event to design an advertisement flier for. For each page we were to include more complex graphics and organization of information. In accomplishing this I was able to further understand clear information structure placement and the over all concept of hierarchy used when dealing with various typographic projects.

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Multipage Project

This project deals with introducing students to the core fundamentals of typography. Utilizing the concept of Golden Section to develop the book size and the margin, we were to consider the spacing of each individual word, paragraphs, line breaks, indents, and various other crucial elements in order to design a fully functional text book.