Aperture, shutter speed, focus, and lighting. These are the fundamental concept required in order to take creative and diverse photographs. This project introduced the core mechanics involved in Photography itself and also the Camera.


Being able to take non-animate object is one thing but being able to take photos of actual human being and manipulating them to create unique images is another. In using various filters and touching up the photos through using Adobe products, these photos express the unique characteristic that often goes unnoticed to the human eye.


Taking photos of stationary subject is not a challenge especially when given the option to alter the lighting and the timing of the shutter speed. However, the difficulty in capturing the sudden moment of human interaction and its surrounding requires patience and skill. This project’s photo was taken at Down Town San Diego Gas Lamp Quarter, where people cheer endlessly in bars and hastily walk across the side walk. This busy and complex location tests the skill of a photographer in being on the lookout for unique events and capturing it in a blink of an eye.