Trifold Brochure / PowerPoint Design

As I continue to fulfill my part as a designer in the SDSU X Team I have created numerous artwork that benefits the organization. Some of these involves creating trifold brochures and PowerPoint Design. Creating these both utilizes skills attained in Typography along with some knowledge of using Adobe Products. The primary objective is to create an asset for the organization that will lure various individuals towards the merchandise. To present a clear and concise design so that one may not feel any confusion about any specified product is an essential skill to have as an designer.

Logo Design

Projects here utilizes the skills attained in Digital Media. Making a logo about a fictional material is one thing but making a logo that fits the merchandise of a actual organization is another. The designer must come up with various creative ideas and link the logo to the product. Whether it may be the organization’s mascot or the over all theme revolving around the material, it is crucial to create many variations as possible so that the client has the final call on what logo they would like to use.


Unlike logos, icon design becomes slightly more sophisticated. It cannot be to elaborate nor too simple. Every design choice we make as an artist must reflect on what the icon is trying to represent. Without using any text, we must convey the meaning of the icon to the viewer.